In November we learned about primary Colors and we discovered new ones mixing them.
The topic of this year at school is 'Galileo Galilei' and we learned about planets, rockets, spaceships and things that we can find in the Space.
We also did a Scratch away texture about the Space. We used wax crayons and toothpicks to scratch.

We also visited the Green Point and we enjoyed the junk modelling inventing new things.

October. Autumn is here!

With the arrival of October and autumn we studied vocabulary related to autumn.

We decorated the classroom and the corridors. We used wax crayons and it was fun!

We learned how to do an autumn tree with modelling paste in pairs. We made an exhibition of our trees.

We also made a squirrel mobile. It was fun decorating our classroom windows with all this stuff. We used crayons to color.

With some recycled color paper we did a Henry Matisse Collage. We used orange, yellow, green, blue and red papers to make the collages. We also used scissors and glue to stick the papers. We also enjoyed meeting an artist for the first time in English, Henry Matisse.

We started to do the coundown to Halloween. The 31st of October was arriving and we used our hands to make a hand print bat.

We celebrated halloween with some games and arts and crafts activities. We did a dancing Pumpkin with arms and feet.

September! Starting the school year!

Starting the school year and new project. We first needed to know vocabulary classroom and materials we would work with in the future.

We labelled our English and Arts and crafts folders, as well as our classroom objects.

We started to get used to receive Arts and crafts instructions in English. It was a hard work but we managed to do the activities.

We met our new arts and crafts teachers. We also received rules for the Arts and crafts sessions. We did a happy and sad face activity.

Our teachers started to give us happy and sad faces every session depending on our behaviour. Every ten happy faces we will go to the video room or a surprise will be for us. We also followed the 'behaviour school project' so we will try to have good behaviour all school year.


The main aim of the ECO ARTS AND CRAFTS PROJECT in English class is involving the children in activities that help them to learn the language because we believe that this class involves intellectual and emotional exploration, expression and communication.

Children learn by doing and communicating. The use of English will be vital and indispensable for the teacher and the children, but also they will experience the new language by using it in enjoyable activities.

With this project we will try to acomplish the language and artistic aims and as well as making them more conscious about our enviromental issues and helping them going green!