Preparing our carnival costumes!! Teachers and students!

SchoolTube - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Carnival is coming!

We're getting ready for our carnival parade. This year we will make a parade through all the village with another school, Ceip S'olivera. We will also make a party at ceip S'Olivera.

We have to prepare our costumes. This year the topic in our school is 'LIVING' and our First Cycle will work on 'Growing' topic.

We thought about getting dressed as 'THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR'story, from Eric Carle.

So it will be full of butterflies, fruits, caterpillars, cocoons...Already HAVING FUN! ;-D

Saint Valentines day collage cards.

Making profit of all coloring pieces of papers that we have from other activities. We make a heart card and we decorate it with coloring papers.

On the other side we write this love message:


We decorate our first love bulletin board with our heart cards.

February and Saint Valentines day!

First Graders making Valentines Animals with heart shapes!

Love love love!

Moving toys and juice boxes.

We are making cars with juice boxes.

Peace day and peace Mandalas

Second graders are coloring Peace Mandalas.

JANUARY. Making penguins.

1st graders are making penguins with toilet paper rolls.

Nativity and 1st Cycle making houses with boxes!

We are making a nativity in our school. 1st cycle is making typical houses with boxes.

Making a Christmas picture frame!


Shapes and using scissors!

Tree with snowflakes! It's still cold! 1st Graders.

WINTER Bulletin Board! Winter has arrived!

Brrrr It's cold! Dressing up! 1st and 2nd Graders

Let's make a man and let's cut out his winter clothes! Using the scissors and colouring!

WINTER is coming! Let's make a winter tree!

First graders making a winter tree with paint.

THANKSGIVING Turkey in CEIP Puig d'en Valls


We are making our Turkey using our hand shapes!

Evan Morgan and 1st Graders! Thank you for the good manners students!

Students are very excited in our lessons and also having really good manners! Happy faces for you and surprises too!

Evan Morgan is helping us in Eco Arts lessons!

Scrach away texture!

Scratch away texture and let's make a picture!

NOVEMBER and mixing colours!

We are mixing colours and using paints! Fun!

Scary vampire mask!

We decided to make a scary vampire mask for our halloween costume!

Evan helping us in the classroom!

Evan and Nuria teaching Ecoarts in first grade A.

Wow! It will be fun having a teacher and a language assitant helping us in the classroom!

HALLOWEEN and making ghosts with our feet!

Our language assistant has arrived! WELCOME TO SPAIN!

This year we will have a language assistant. Evan Morgan from Pensilvania! He will be helping us in the Eco Arts and crafts lessons!

Thank you for coming and welcome to Ibiza and to CEIP Puig d'en Valls!

Our Autumn Bulletin Boards!